Why The GO CUBE Might Be Better Than The GAN Smart Rubik’s Cube 356i

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My adventures with the Go Cube continue! This time, I take the Go Cube head to head with the GAN 356i V2 and tell you which one you should get in 2020.

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GAN 356 i Play V2 56mm 3×3 Bluetooth Smart Cube

PBs and mains: https://cubepb.com/user/327643

Why The GO CUBE Might Be Better Than The GAN Smart Rubik’s Cube 356i – Video published on YouTube by Tingman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AseHCoOf6no

20 thoughts on “Why The GO CUBE Might Be Better Than The GAN Smart Rubik’s Cube 356i

  1. kumi ko says:

    i am a 12 years old girl. I am a big fan of your! Can u please do a giveaway again because i cannot participate in the last one

  2. Ambuja Upase says:

    Why haven’t you still got 100k subs your my and almost every body’s best ucuber (YouTube+cuber)


    Hello I went in to cubing because of you you are the best as well as j perm and cubing encoded
    I love it when you’re posting two videos daily I went from??? to


    Edit: BRUH the comments say 11 hours ago but in my screen it is 3 hours ago that makes me even more


  4. Crimson's Cubes says:

    i love how your song on the gocube is called gone, is that a reference to the correct way to say gan??

  5. Edson Minoru says:

    Hi Tingman! Nice video, as always.

    About the GAN app, have you tried the second version? It is still in beta, so you need to download an APK on Android or install TestFlight on iOS.

    I have the Giiker and the 356 i Play. My 356 i v2 is on the way.

    Another great way to use smart cubes is the website cubeast. It works with all of them (Giiker, GAN and Go Cube).
    Besides the reconstruction, it also shows your pauses. I find that really useful.

  6. Macattack 1502 says:

    me when tingman says i might get his shirt if I buy from affiliate link:
    *Sound when you go broke*

  7. M S-S says:

    Love the video, thank you.
    Just re the Giiker cube, I’ve had the same problem with it. It misses so many moves and when doing online competitions I’ve had problems with network connections dropping mid-solve (I haven’t noticed similar issues with the Gan 356i on the same network). I want to like the Giiker but just can’t. 🙁

  8. Andrew Tyberg says:

    Note: Every time you said accelerometer, you were referring to a gyroscope. A gyroscope detects orientation. An accelerometer detects motion (acceleration).

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