Top Tech Gadgets for Cars Under Rs. 500 Rs. 1000 Rs. 2000

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1. Solar Emergency tool :
Alternative :
2. Heads Up Display HUD for Cars :
Alternative :
3. Tyre Pressure Gauge :
4. Headrest Mount :
5. Dash Cam :
6. Light keychain :
7. Echo Auto :
8. Tyre Inflator :
Alternative :
9. Car Inverter :
10. Car Cover :
Bonus :
11. Jumper Cable :
12. Groz Flashlight :

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Top Tech Gadgets for Cars Under Rs. 500 Rs. 1000 Rs. 2000 – Video published on YouTube by iGyaan:

20 thoughts on “Top Tech Gadgets for Cars Under Rs. 500 Rs. 1000 Rs. 2000

  1. Prasad Chavan says:

    The video was so interesting that I forgot it’s a 10+ minutes long video and I was actually thinking ‘here comes another interesting product’.

  2. K.B says:

    I am looking for a rear cam recorder – which would record the back of the car if someone bangs you from behind.. and captures the details as good as a dashcam.
    Fixing dashcam in rear do not work. Need a all time running screen also to make it as a rear view mirror + recording.
    Please suggest something.

  3. Akshay Sood says:

    Flashlight is in every phone in 2020. I think it is time to let go off that product. Thanks for the jump starter and Dash Cam!

  4. Spiritual Love says:

    Am a follower since 2012..and its really sad to see very much low subscriber count. Whats actually problem with igyaan channel??? Very very low subs since this much long years??? Try to rectify this guys. Nowadays even channels created by small kids r having 1-2 m subs within a year.. Try to improve content other than focusing on interior designing for videos.

  5. Victor Nade says:

    Hi @igyan #BharatNagpal love ur all videos and always love to watch them anytime. Love to watch unboxing and review videos of new smartphone and a request pls do use of hindi language in between when u make vdos in english.

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