top 4 new smart gadgets you must see high tech gadgets

top 4 new smart gadgets you must see ! high tech gadgets
Meet Doggo: four-legged robot, RideAir – The Next Generation of Effortless Air Pumps, 360° Motion Activated LED Light, Never miss a visitor.
Meet Doggo: four-legged robot
tanford Doggo is a highly agile robot designed to be an accessible platform for legged robot research.
The robot currently holds the record (among all robots) for the highest vertical jumping agility1 and can jump twice as high as any existing
quadruped robot! Weighing in at a little less than 5kg, Stanford Doggo is easy and safe to develop on, but at the same time,
don’t expect Stanford Doggo to carry heavy loads or climb super aggressive terrain. If you use a portion of this project or want further technical
details, please cite our paper presented at ICRA
The brains of Stanford Doggo are split between the ODrive motor controllers and the central Teensy microcontroller.
To run Doggo, you’ll need to flash the our custom ODrive firmware onto the four motor controllers in the robot and then configure them using
the script included in that repository. Quick note, if you have a different mechanical design than Doggo, make sure to update
the gear_ratio parameter in the code or via odrivetool. After uploading the firmware and configuring, you’ll next want to upload the Doggo
Arduino code to the central microcontroller. This code is responsible for switching between different states and sending the right position
commands to the robot. When you power on the robot, the four legs will first do a calibration routine so that the motors and encoders become
synced up, and then the robot will enter an idle mode. Once in idle, you can send serial commands over the wireless xbee network to command Doggo
to trot, jump, etc. Please reference the Doggo software repo for more information.

meet RideAir – The Next Generation of Effortless Air Pumps
We at DesignAir Innovations have set a goal to simplify the life of cyclists around the world.
With RideAir we can all stop wasting our time and energy on basic bicycle maintenance, and begin a new riding experience. Our company is built on
enthusiastic young entrepreneurs who simply wish to fulfill their innovative vision with the support an encouragement of the crowd. We admire your
help with this venture and hope for a long and fruitful relationship with our riders community!
GET READY – Fill Your RideAir: Simply inflate the RideAir through its ‘Inlet Valve’ using any air-compressor out there (gas stations, bicycle shops,
in house air compressors, etc.). Once it’s fully inflated, the RideAir is all set and ready to go!
meet 360° Motion Activated LED Light
No outlets or wiring needed with this battery operated portable stand or mount light. Automatically turns on when motion is detected in dark areas and turns itself off after 20 seconds with no motion. The innovative magnetic base allows you to detach the light to use as a handy flash light. The Head Swivels 360 on base to angle light to desired area. Light has three settings Auto, On, Off and is easy to mount on wall with the peel and stick tape or optional screw mount. (Hardware included).
16 super bright LED bulbs 180 Lumens Motion detection from 10 ft Automatically shuts off after 20 seconds of no motion 3 settings auto, ON/OFF
Sensor keeps light from activating during daytime Easy wireless installation Water resistant- IP44 Battery powered – requires 3 AAA batteries


Never miss a visitor
Get instantly notified when someone rings your doorbell. See and talk to your guest from your phone like a video call with Real 2-way Audio.

Busy or missed the notification? No worries. Sentry can automatically play a prerecorded voice message to your guest, and have them leave a voice message to you too.
Tired of seeing false motion alerts from drive-by cars, swaying twigs, moving shadows? Sentry uses Advanced Motion Detection to only capture motion of people,
so you will only receive notifications that are relevant.Monitor your front door in vivid color and clarity, even at night.You can also switch back to regular black-and-white night vision.

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