Top 10 Latest Smart Home Gadgets Invention Part – 2

Top 10 Smart Home Gadgets that will make your home smart and surely elevate your user experience into the next level.

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0:00 – Introduction

01:20 – 10. AROMEO Sense
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02:34 – 9. FIBARO Wall Plug
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03:32 – 8. D-Link DCS-8630LH Spotlight Camera
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04:49 – 7. Danby Parcel Guard Secure Smart Mailbox
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05:53 – 6. iFlow Smart Touchless Faucet
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06:59 – 5. Tesvor Saugroboter-vacuum robot (Sponsored)
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08:37 – 4. S1 Smart Lock
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09:59 – 3. Denon CEOL
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11:17 – 2. Ayi AI-Powered Smart Mirror
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12:26 – 1. Comet Smart Nightstand
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Amazon International:
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