The Best Christmas Tree Lights for Your Smart Home

Are you tired of boring white Christmas tree lights? Twinkly is here to help you add some color to your tree and brighten up the holidays like never before. These lights are Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa compatible, easy to set up, and super fun to use!

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00:00 Twinkly Intro
00:32 Unboxing
02:27 App Setup & Light Mapping
04:38 Kari’s Honest Review
07:09 Twinkly Music
10:24 App Tutorial
18:02 Link Google Assistant
19:42 Twinkly Skill for Amazon Alexa

Christmas Lights Routine:

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20 thoughts on “The Best Christmas Tree Lights for Your Smart Home

  1. Tech With Brett says:

    What other questions do you have about automating your Christmas lights for this holiday season?

  2. Amur Voskanyan says:

    Thanks for the great review, as your subscriber, I always follow the updates.
    My question is: if the tree is placed in the corner of the room, it turns out that we will see only the outer part and the lights look more beautiful and rich, I want to dress the tree with a set of 250 LED’s from the outside and put it on 2D mode. What do you think? At the moment I have ordered such a kit and I am thinking how best to get it. My tree is 180cm. Hope to get a professional answer)

  3. Neil George says:

    So I bought the twinkly based off your video. it works great .. What effects are you using for music. And do you have 3d flag as an effect to download for you?

  4. Whitney Porter says:

    After watching MANY Twinkly videos, I can say without hesitation that this is the BEST ONE I HAVE SEEN! Thank you so much for being so detailed and actually showing the steps on your phone. It was very helpful. Well done!!!

  5. hope S says:

    Great video, Brett, so informative and well paced; not too fast and not too slow. Question: I currently have incandescent minilights with 10 different colors including magenta, teal and chartreuse. Yes, chartreuse. I actually reseated 900 bulbs myself to create a gradient rainbow effect. I want to do something similar with LEDs–can the fixed mode in Twinkly be set with 10 different colors randomly? If not, how many nearby bulbs have to be the same color?

  6. basdfgwe says:

    When I saw this I was like cool i’m going to get one, then I saw the price and i thought maybe next year.

  7. ammo23 says:

    Since the 250 lights are in two strands, did you run each strand through the tree or double up the strands and then run through the tree?

  8. iam Atila says:

    did u really put the 20 m long string on that tree? cause i bought the string 600 with 40+ m for a 2 m tall tree and it was almost not enough….

  9. joe jacob says:

    Great Breat, after watching I purchased 2) 400 strings multicolor RGB, OUTSTANDING!! REALLY LOVE THIS XMAS LIGHT ♥️♥️THANK YOU BREAT ?

  10. Das Deutsch says:

    Oh yeah! I enjoy the RGB smart light set! The endless custom selections make setting up the tree every year fun now!

  11. Florian Dine says:

    You seriously need to reupload your 3d mapping setup as a new video with that specific title. There’s many people looking for exactly this but can’t find something because there is seriously no single video about it, somehow

    Thank you very much!!!

  12. Adam Wood says:

    upvote for singing wife and awesome personalities. ty for review, I’m glad these are on sale. I was going to build my own with an Arduino, but… ain’t nobody got time for that.. Ok maybe a couple of people, but not me, not this year. Plus, it would be more expensive than this to build my own.

  13. Maurice Brooks Sr says:

    Brett, I took your advise and bought twinkly. I feel ripped off. It simply will not connect with my wifi. And there is absolutely no tech support from the company.

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