Smart Home Tech Baller Edition 2020

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Brava //
Dyson Fan //
Sunflower Home awareness //
Deep Sentinel //
Bed jet //
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Smart Home Tech Baller Edition 2020 – Video published on YouTube by Kevin The Tech Ninja:

12 thoughts on “Smart Home Tech Baller Edition 2020

  1. Matthew Graeff says:

    Check out the ChiliPad/Ooler for bed heating or cooling. Instead of blowing air, they send hot/cool water through a mattress pad. Works much better imo.

  2. Ricky Hamed Jr says:

    @Kevin The Teck Ninja you Had to call me out….Ricky Ricky Ricky hahahah I’ve been subbed im the A1 since day one brother and you know this. Hope the family is healthy and safe.

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