Smart Home Tech at CES 2021 – Announcements Roundup

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CES All Digital was full of smart home tech announcements and in this video I give you all the info. I cover Samsung and LG announcements, the introduction of a Sonos Move battery replacement kit and Sonos Radio, the Yale Smart Delivery Box, the new TCL and Sony Google TVs, Lutron and GE outdoor smart plugs, the Xandar Kardian sensors, and Shower Power speaker. What smart home tech are you going to buy? Let me know in the comments!

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12 thoughts on “Smart Home Tech at CES 2021 – Announcements Roundup

  1. James McCarte says:

    Can we PLEASE stop abusing the word ‘intuitive”?!?!?!?! It’s so overused and MISused!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sterling Sansing says:

    The proximity/ geo field feature on the porch box could lead to many undesirable issues

  3. tina oneal says:

    everyone is saying home tech is big cause of 2020 !!! the lighting from lumiy is super impressive.

  4. Andrew Makiejewski says:

    They need to stop the companies from calling them a smart TV. They are in no way a real TV. They are a closed system. If you don’t agree to the Terms of Service, you can’t even watch TV. This is wrong, one should be able to say no to that and still use the TV as a TV. Really, just a large screen with big tech controlled system. So, don’t agree to the ToS and you can’t watch your DVDs or whatever else. Open Source, Open API and local control of my home automation stuff.

  5. Babbit says:

    Would Homekit enable the Yale smart box to open when you’re in proximity, like when your Hue lights come on when you’re arriving home? Then maybe if it were configured/authorised to just your device (and anyone else who shares your home on Homekit, like your partner), it would only open for you and no-one else, regardless of proximity? Use Face ID to make changes, that kind of thing. Just thinking a way around the comment below 😉

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