Simplify Your Nightstand With Lenovo Smart Clock Essential

The Smart Clock Essential brings the convenience of a dedicated clock and the smart features of Google Assistant right to your nightstand!
Lenovo Smart Clock Essential:
Lenovo Smart Clock:

Video Chapters:
00:00 Smart Clock Essential intro
02:52 Setup in Google Home app
04:42 On-device buttons
05:28 Setting Alarms
09:28 Weather Indicator
09:54 Device Settings
17:07 Night Light
18:29 Screen Brightness
19:46 Speaker Comparison
21:35 Final Features
23:54 OG Alarm Comparison

I purchased the Lenovo Alarm Clock Essential for this video.

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Simplify Your Nightstand With Lenovo Smart Clock Essential – Video published on YouTube by Tech With Brett:

20 thoughts on “Simplify Your Nightstand With Lenovo Smart Clock Essential

  1. Tech With Brett says:

    This is the perfect little Google Assistant speaker for any nightstand. Would it help you save some room and replace an old alarm clock?

  2. Dávid Kováč says:

    Hey Brett , I can’t find the Lenovo original speaker with display anywhere online, is it discontinued?

  3. Tkarbo says:

    How did you get the weather icon to appear, just got one and it doesn’t show it . Only the temperature

  4. SleepyVampireBoy kunal says:

    I was considering this or the echo show 5 and ended up getting the echo. Though this is a pretty great clock.

  5. Alec Ver Bunker says:

    Remember when digital clocks were kinda new and you could put a battery in them to keep the time incase the power went out? Lenovo should do the same just with a rechargable built in.

  6. B-9 M-3 says:

    If you lose either power or internet it will fail to alarm, so this fails as an actual alarm clock that you can rely on to wake you up.

  7. Bill P says:

    Well, you convinced me that I needed one of the essentials, thanks. BTW I noticed that you are subscribed to a number of music apps. I’m an old fart that’s primary taste is the 60s-80-s music and classical from time to time and country for the GF. Do you have a preference?

  8. Dillon Trausi says:

    ok i love the clock i have the screen one but it seems like when i tell the alarm to stop the morning routine doesn’t start and i have it checked does that happen too anyone else

  9. Ron Lam says:

    Hi Brett! Was wondering if it is possible to pair a device to both Amazon and Google, say a video doorbell that is both Amazon and Google enabled. I have both at home and was wondering if anyone has tried it before. Appreciate the advice. Thanks!

  10. Sharice Brown says:

    Hey Tech with Brett. Have you thought about reviewing the Philips Hue Gradient light strip with the Philips Hue sync box? I would love to get your thoughts and opinions on that setup for the ultimate movie experience on your Samsung TV.

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