Samsung Smart Monitor Review Is it any GOOD? ?

Hands on with the 32” Samsung Smart Monitor, just exactly what can this smart monitor do? Thank you so much to Samsung for sponsoring this video!

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Samsung Smart Monitor Review Is it any GOOD? ? – Video published on YouTube by Jenna Ezarik:

20 thoughts on “Samsung Smart Monitor Review Is it any GOOD? ?

  1. you know with Marty Kauffman says:

    Did you buy a Samsung phone just to do this because we know you all about that Apple life

  2. Greg Mckelvey says:

    Can I cast my laptop to the monitor so I can see what’s happening on the monitor without connecting with a cable?

  3. Ashley Dale says:

    Another sponsored video, just shows your not interested in any products unless your paid to be interested.

  4. Greg Mckelvey says:

    So you can definitely connect your laptop to this monitor wirelessly! Great feature connected to your Wi-Fi connect your wireless monitor to it no cords great feature!

  5. Or Or says:

    This monitor max brightness is 250nits
    which is horrible….

    *At least dont call it monitor review without saying the max brightness its the minimum

  6. happiesdog says:

    Could you adjust the volume with the volume key on your MacBook Pro when connected to the monitor?

  7. Lianvdb Roblox says:

    I wanted the Smart Monitor M5 27 inch but that one doesn’t have speakers so I got the Smart Monitor M5 in 32 inches-

  8. Isaiah Jan Navasquez says:

    Question: how’s the latency using airplay2? I use airplay on my samsung smartv and the latency just doesn’t work for me, it’s noticeable.

  9. Zach Sabel says:

    I have it and I love it. it works really well as a small tv for me, and really nice as a dual monitor. got it for under 300 with a student discount too

  10. Eriden Estrella says:

    DON”T BUY THIS MONITOR…. at the moment there’s ONLY one review that’s NOT a paid advertise and is this THE MONITOR DIED…..

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