Samsung Smart Monitor M7 Unboxing and Hands On

This is the new Smart Monitor M7 from Samsung! It has a LOT of features including Samsung Dex, Airplay, TV Apps, and more! Samsung Smart Monitors:

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Samsung Smart Monitor M7 Unboxing and Hands On – Video published on YouTube by Tim Schofield:

20 thoughts on “Samsung Smart Monitor M7 Unboxing and Hands On

  1. Marco Chapita says:

    Wish would exist a smart monitor ultra wide. The 32 for working with files that we have to split screen seems to short

  2. นิชฌาน จิรพัฒนกุล says:

    What usb c you using?

    I’ve use apple’s usb c cable (came with macbook pro) > It charged my macbook pro but display not detected.

  3. Jen Chan says:

    Great review! I understand the monitor have bluetooth support for keyboard / mouse. But does it support bluetooth headset like Bose 700, Samsung Buds, etc?

  4. MrShumz says:

    What’s the text like On the monitor? Is it slightly blurry? I have the 34″ ultra wide but whne I connect my apple the text is slightly blurry which is kinda annoying

  5. Phatanadit Kulphaichitra says:

    Hi Tim, Thanks for the review. I am in Thailand and using the M7 monitor as well. Although all the functions seems working fine, only the USB-C connection to a MacBook M1 not working. There is no USB-C cable include in the box so I tried various 3rd party cables between the monitor and the MacBook and even USB-C on HP-Omen USB-C. The monitor recognized the connection but both computer couldn’t detect the monitor. I only can use USB-C to HDMI converter cable to make it work. Do you have the same problem? If not, would you please share what USB-C cable or solution you did make it work. Thanks.

  6. Gam Gam says:

    Thanks for the great review. Might have missed it – 1) Type C port – does this have power delivery?Can it charge a Macbook Pro using this port? 2) Does this have an app store as well like the SMART Tvs? Thanks

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