Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 review: The best non-Apple smartwatch

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Samsung’s Tizen OS continues to shine.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 review: The best non-Apple smartwatch – Video published on YouTube by Engadget:

20 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 review: The best non-Apple smartwatch

  1. Daniel Shaps says:

    2 questions: Can you set which way is “facing up?” (I’m left handed) and Does this interface well with Amazon music?

  2. Phil Latella says:

    Problem, you don’t get enough battery to sleep with it. When you wake up, you’ll need to charge your watch. It’s 10:13 PM EST. I have an LTE version. I have been up since 6:00 AM. The watch is at 33%. If I sleep with this on, I’ll have to charge it in the morning. ( no time for that) I kind of don’t need Samsung to tell me if I slept well or not, I’m pretty good at know that !.

  3. Mike Kelly says:

    Good review, and I’m loving my GW3 (although a bit annoyed that the ECG, VO2 Max and Blood Oxygen features aren’t enabled in Canada yet). I’m not sure why she doesn’t think the minute marks (5, 10, 15, etc) around the ring are helpful. They are clearly there to help you determine minutes / seconds when you are using an analog watch face. It would actually be less useful to show hours around the ring as she suggests. You can estimate hours much more easily than you can minutes / seconds, given that there are 12 hour positions on a watch face, vs. 60 second or minute positions.

  4. Joshua Mawango says:

    Wasn’t the trip detection supposed to come with the watch active 2? I remember samsung bosting about how the watch active 2 could measure more G’s than the previous model??‍♂️

  5. jadorerable says:

    Can this watch be used as phone. New number, new device that is independent from your phone?

  6. James Sorensen says:

    We need to ignore their promised features to come. They still haven’t delivered on the Active Watch 2’s promised features from a year ago.

  7. Dan Chatka says:

    I’d be interested in a Samsung watch if it used Pure Android.
    Samsung is famous for abandoning its customers by not updating the OS.
    Who wants to pay hundreds of dollars for a smart watch, when Samsung
    won’t update it to fix security vulnerabilities?
    Samsung makes good hardware, but they have terrible customer service.

  8. Sean Michael says:

    The zones are just a guess by the watch anyway and aren’t accurate. You can only tell what zone of sleep you’re in with a device that reads your brain waves.

  9. Sabrina Hannah says:

    I just want to see the comparison between this and the gear s3. My wrist are super slim and I have small hands, so im really ready for a upgrade from this bulky watch

  10. Taco Boo says:

    What happened to the “weight management” of samsung health?!!!! Now this watch is USELESS! IT WAS THE MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE OF THIS STUPID WATCH!

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