Samsung Galaxy S21 Review: Samsung’s Best for Less

Of all 3 phones in the series, the Samsung Galaxy S21 is the one for most users. This is our review.

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00:00 Intro
00:30 How Is It Cheaper?
02:34 More Power Than You Need
03:28 Designed To Impress
05:01 Same Cameras, Better Photos?
06:48 Video Capabilities
07:51 Battery Life & Charging
08:48 Is the Samsung Galaxy S21 Your GadgetMatch?


My Backpack:
My Camera (body):
My Everyday Lens:
My Favorite Lens:
My Tripod:
My Video Head:
My Travel Tripod: +
My Travel Video Head:

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20 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S21 Review: Samsung’s Best for Less

  1. Karoubi Zinedine says:

    Samsung gives promotions, s21+smart tag + galaxy buds live, who do that?, no company take care about her clients like that.

  2. Maxx Viintage says:

    They reduced price because…1080p display, plastic back, no sd card slot, only 25 watt charge…oh wait also no charger in box or headphones…sad times

  3. Anthony Leung says:

    Having no SD card slot is a bummer because someone may takes lots of photos at work and it uses storage quite quickly.

  4. M D says:

    i wouldnt say that smaller size is drawback – in fact smaller size in nowadays advantage – i wish it was even smaller like 6 inch

  5. Liza Soberano says:

    The 1080p display of standard or the plus was not so very different on the quality of 1440p display of ultra.

  6. Steve & Riyed Lucas says:

    I have always looked to Samsung to get the best, but i have changed my mind, im going to get the 1plus 8 pro, its cheaper and it has much faster charging among a lot of other features. Sorry Samsung you have fallen behind in my eyes also i have always been told to use the charger that came with the phone and now you don’t even supply it. Crazy!!!!!

  7. David Martrano says:

    These trade-in deals are excellent. I got the S21+ for 384.00. Gave up my weak ? pixel4? No complaints from me? The 888 is blazing fast with the 120hz. Even at 1080p the display is still amazing. This should definitely help the ? power. Cameras appear to be improved especially the ? night sight. These are still excellent phones!

  8. Kennayz says:

    less resolution, no memory card, no charger, costs insane amounts of money compared to phones a few years ago, simply brilliant

  9. Errold Tumaque says:

    Not being QHD still feels like a big hit for a flagship
    That was like minimum 2 years ago

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