Smart Scale, YOUNGDO Body Fat Scale with Bluetooth, Wireless Digital Bathroom Scale for Weight, Fitness Body Composition…


?‍♀️ One Scale, Unlimited users– Digital scale can track and store data of the users, which can be synchronized with Apple Health, with Google Fit and with Fitbit, and stored in the Amazon cloud. BMI Scale allows you and your family to share one scale together and download free APP via your own devices or the same device. It’s convenient for every member to know their body metrics better and do some relevant improvements.
?‍♀️ 19 Essential Measurements– Monitoring 19 body composition data to meet your need, body weight, fat weight, BMI, muscle weight, water level etc. With this smart scale, you can monitor every minor change about your body.
?‍♀️ High Accuracy– The weight scale is with high-precision sensors, easily get high accuracy data about your body, which makes the measurement data more accurate.Measuring accuracy is 0.2lb/0.1kg. Measurement Range: 2.2lbs-396.8lbs (1kg-180kg).

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