New SMART Gadgets To GET YOU Ready For Gift Giving Season Early

New SMART Gadgets To GET YOU Ready For Gift Giving Season Early!

There are a ton of new smart home products, smart gadgets, and smart products coming to the market and these are the ones I picked out to show you. You can use all of this to prepare for the holidays or even just for your own home. Either way, these are the #new #smart #home #products for late 2020!

You want to see some of this stuff? I hear you!

Amazon Halo Band – (Amazon Affiliate link)
Blink Indoor – (Amazon Affiliate Link)
Blink Outdoor – (Amazon Affiliate Link)
Blink Battery Expansion Pack (Coming Soon) –
Bob The Dishwasher –
Smeg Vivoscreen –
Meross MSG100hk – (Amazon Affiliate link)
Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box – (Amazon Affiliate link)
Hue Gradient Lightstrip – (after September 15th)

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New SMART Gadgets To GET YOU Ready For Gift Giving Season Early – Video published on YouTube by Automate Your Life:

20 thoughts on “New SMART Gadgets To GET YOU Ready For Gift Giving Season Early

  1. Cristiano Santiago says:

    Not exactly related to the video itself but any thoughts about the TP-Link c100/c200 cameras? I’m about to start into this automation stuff and those TP-Link are readily available in my country (also xiaomi/aqara ones). If there decent at least it would save me the hassle of importing stuff.

  2. joseph lemons says:

    iPhones aren’t coming out next week, it’s only Apple Watch & Ipad, Apple is doing a separate event in October

  3. Brendan White says:

    I am very cautious of these UVC lamps, 405 and 410nm wave lengths. If they are genuine, you can’t be in the same room as the device without causing damage to eyes and skin. If they are not strong enough, then the don’t do the job. I would be very cautious.
    If Philips Hue were not so darn expensive, I would likely look at them more, but in general, they have lower light output than competitors at twice the price, or even more. I know they have some great products, but there is no way they need to be in that price range.

  4. Gareth Jones says:

    Those Iris lights are pretty spectacular, I love my Hue Go’s for the bedrooms, but I think the Iris would work well in living rooms as a statement piece

  5. Leon Bosset says:

    We’ll probably all start planning our outer circle gifts using our savings we built staying home from our jobs all year.

  6. Anthony Renfro says:

    Great ideas. Can’t believe we are thinking of the holidays already. Any thoughts on new Amazon products this year? They usually have their event in September. Haven’t seen anything on it.

  7. PhillyDjHook says:

    Brian, how ? do I control my Harmony Hub activities, that was made switches on Samsung Smart Things, by voice, using Google Assistant? I’m trying to get around using, IFTTT. But, I can only seem to use one of my Harmony Hubs through voice using Google Assistant without IFTTT. I already converted my activities in to switches on Smart Things. Now, I want to be able to control the switch by voice using Google. Is this possible without IFTTT?

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