iOS 14 Tips & Tricks for Beginners

The iOS 14 software update is now available on supported iPhones with tons of new features to go over including a redesigned home screen with widgets, app library, emoji search, Picture in picture support, default web browser and email clients, and so much more! In this video I go over what I think are the best tips and tricks for new iOS 14 users to get them started.


All new iOS 14 Features:

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20 thoughts on “iOS 14 Tips & Tricks for Beginners

  1. GregsGadgets says:

    Hey! If you want even more TIPS & TRICKS + Home screen customization, check out the latest video:

  2. Wendy Warus says:

    That face, you say? You look like a young Harrison Ford! I should know. I’m old enough to remember what a young Harrison Ford looked like!

  3. amazing pp says:

    pls help me, when i click on the picture in picture, it goes into it for a sec then it goes back to normal. HELP ME PLEASEEEE

  4. CabdrisaqMussa says:

    Man I heard rumors few months ago it’s coming out now I’m downloading hope it’s worth it tbh

  5. Bina IOW says:

    Says ‘for Beginners’… if you aren’t used to an iPhone, thought this would be ideal, but way too fast, sorry.

  6. Andre Donald says:

    Leonard_hacker06 on Instagram helped me out with some hacking problem. Follow him up guys I recommend him.

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