How I grew my own food with smart hydroponics

Life gets wild with Gardyn, an indoor smart hydroponics system. Bridget Carey documents three months of using this vertical garden system to grow fresh produce for her family and the lessons she learned along the way.

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00:00 Grow BEAST plants with this easy smart garden
1:24 How does Gardyn work?
2:47 Chapter 1: How does your garden grow?
4:23 Chapter 2: I spy something growing
6:20 Chapter 3: A fresh feast
8:03 Chapter 4: Little chop of horrors
10:06 Chapter 5: The fungus among us
10:56 Chapter 6: The bitter end

How I grew my own food with smart hydroponics – Video published on YouTube by CNET:

20 thoughts on “How I grew my own food with smart hydroponics

  1. SecretOfMonkeyIsland says:

    Very cool concept especially as i like growing plants (Did it with Chilli’s in the past) and this makes it easier but its too expensive and the pods produce a lot of plastic waste.

  2. Kelala Music says:

    $800 to get started and then $30 a month!! I don’t think so. I’ll stick to the old fashion method of growing veggies in an outside garden. Fun video, though.

  3. Mr Magoo says:

    Wow how do I get a job trying out all the gadgets. 10 years ago I used to drive and blog about new cars, new lorries and my favourite, new motorcycles…..but gadgets from home has got to be far more awesome.

  4. Ethan Hunter says:

    Yikes $800… hydroponics can be done for dirt cheap. Just some PVC, rock wool and a grow light.

  5. smileandlaughs says:

    For the trouble of that 800$ tool just but some windows pots thats built with extra space for automatic watering.

  6. Cool kids Are cool says:

    great video. what an expensive introduction to home gardening. helluva premium. But certainly eases you into it.

  7. Caleb Bernal says:

    Do you have a link or a name of what the garden is called or did I miss it during the video do you have a lot of links for CNET but nothing to do with the product they reviewed sad face

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