Galaxy S21 Ultra vs Huawei Mate 40 Pro

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra is the new top dog in town, but Huawei’s Mate 40 Pro holds up very well. #Huawei #galaxyS21ultra

Galaxy S21 Ultra vs Huawei Mate 40 Pro – Video published on YouTube by ben’s gadget reviews:

20 thoughts on “Galaxy S21 Ultra vs Huawei Mate 40 Pro

  1. Tommy Langan says:

    nice video comparison.i want to see how the huawei p50 pro plus compares to the s21 ultra! i want the p50 pro plus.

  2. razvi bv says:

    5x optical zoom with 10x shot on Huawei better than 10x optical zoom with 10x shot on Samsung (too much clarity there) – min 7:54

  3. お拖把茶 says:

    I don’t get it, why people need 200x photo zoom ?!! ???
    we all take standard photos for showing off in Insta or Tektok,
    I really don’t get it. no one needs this shit ???
    What we really need is Privacy, get rid of Google shit from my phone, and THANKS !!
    I buy Huawei just for this reason.
    Cheers from Israel.

  4. royce dock says:

    Don’t worry all Western investment funds are registered in China. Their wealthy clientele would drop them if they can’t produce yields.

  5. World's Reports says:

    I’m watching yours videos for long time but I gave like for the first time.
    For mentioning AMERICAN Youtuber》K.B.H.D. etc.
    stand with your own country products chinies producing some of the best phones to the market.

  6. ILSLF says:

    Ben, will you be getting and reviewing the Mate 40 Pro plus? I feel sorry for Huawei. It seems that there isn’t any coverage of the mate 40 premium range (pro plus and porsche design). Almost 0 on YouTube and their mid level mate 40 pro is being compared against other brand flagships

  7. Slakers says:

    Keep your honest review/opinion! Honesty is very hard to find now in the tech media. Most well known techtubers from the west are just PR tools for apple, samsung and google. Keep up the great work man! Cheers!

  8. Bruno Sousa says:

    Still i prefer huawei than that bullshit ultra not even a charger brings in the box
    Samsung is becoming apple

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