Gadget Review – Smart Globes from Ikea

Exploring the setup and integration of Ikea’s Tradfri range of light globes into Home Assistant

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Home Assistant:

Ikea (Australia) Tradfri Range:
Home Assistant Documentation:

00:00 – Intro
00:50- Overview and Pricing
03:48 – Standalone Setup
05:16 – Ikea Home Smart App Setup
09:44 – Home Assistant Setup
12:41 – Summary and Outtro

Home Assistant iOS App:
Home Assistant Android App:

Raspberry Pi:
Balena Etcher:


Gadget Review – Smart Globes from Ikea – Video published on YouTube by Hive Mind Automation:

3 thoughts on “Gadget Review – Smart Globes from Ikea

  1. Twuggy says:

    Looking forward to the comparison video! I think lights are a great way to introduce people to the idea of automation.

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