Customize your Galaxy with the Smart LED Cover Samsung

The Smart LED Cover displays text, icons and animations on the back of the phone. Express yourself with custom designs.

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00:14 How to select and create icons
00:40 How to use camera icons for the perfect shot
00:58 How to set up call notifications

Customize your Galaxy with the Smart LED Cover Samsung – Video published on YouTube by Samsung:

19 thoughts on “Customize your Galaxy with the Smart LED Cover Samsung

  1. Bluegrass Creations says:

    And y is apple rich compony when they don’t have this Samsung is cheap and have rich phone type but apple is classic and don’t even have better iPhone case plus apple doesn’t even have an folding phone but the best thing is that apple car is great

  2. Lewis Foia says:

    Ow, cool, cool. But I’m sure it’s not avaliable in my Mozambique, specially for a cheap Galaxy A01.

  3. Herry Xu Jr. says:

    Dulu samsung nambahin LED di kulkas,
    Hari ini samsung nambahin LED di cover hp,
    Mungkin besok samsung buat dinding LED buat rumah, jadi user bisa nonton tv main facebook hahahihi di tiktok lewat dinding rumah dimana dia suka ?

  4. Dustie says:

    How about making a phone where its body IS the protective cover (with this extra functionality built in)??? So we don’t have to cover up the nicely designed body with a piece of plastic. It’s been annoying me for a whole that beautifully designed phones need protective covers which take away a lot from their visually appeal

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