Citizen’s First Smartwatch (Costs $200 Too Much)

The CZ Smart is the first proper smartwatch from Citizen, a Japanese watchmaker whose eponymous brand just turned 103 years old. Citizen also happens to be the company from which I bought my very first wristwatch, as a fresh-faced seventeen year old on the day after his junior prom. So while it could be said I’ve been waiting twenty years to properly review a timepiece from this company, and it’s always exciting to see a traditional watch-maker dip its toes into the smartwatch space … I’m sorry to say that Citizen’s first effort falls a bit flat. Join me to learn why, in MrMobile’s Citizen CZ Smart Review!



MrMobile’s CZ Smart Review was produced following three days with a Citizen CZ Smart review sample (model CZ Smart 0100) purchased by MrMobile/Future PLC and tested with a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. Retail device running production software. MrMobile does not produce reviews paid for by the subjects of those reviews; neither Citizen nor Fossil Group nor any other company paid a fee or otherwise offered compensation in exchange for this coverage, and no company was given a preview of the content or offered copy approval rights concerning same.

This video features watch faces from Facer, which provided a free premium membership to MrMobile in 2020. No other sponsored consideration provided.


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Citizen’s First Smartwatch (Costs $200 Too Much) – Video published on YouTube by MrMobile [Michael Fisher]:

20 thoughts on “Citizen’s First Smartwatch (Costs $200 Too Much)

  1. Michael Barlow says:

    If smartwatches lack durability, why anyone would waste money buying one is incredible!? Until smartwatches become durable enough to the point where they can last at least 10 years, who would want to throw away money buying one?

  2. OfficiallyUnofficial says:

    Have you ever thought about checking out the Nokia/Withings smartwatches? They look like something you could be interested in

  3. MrWoodthegreat says:

    I too am a huge fan of Citizen Eco watches. This is the most relative video on why I will wait to buy my 1st smart watch. Thanks Michael!

  4. Little patience for self righteous moral hypocrites says:

    I would rather just buy a Casio/G-Shock with solar power charging and that is built to survive anything. It will last far far longer and cost a hell of a lot less.

  5. BlackBullPistol says:

    Many watches use the same hardware and software they just have a slightly different appearance but the difference in price can be huge. Huawei, Honor, Xiaomi etc use the same hardware and a lightweight OS compared to a watch that uses heavy Android Wear and this is a huge advantage despite having less features, the battery life is much longer. There are many Chinese brands that use the regular version of Android and also they share the same hardware and OS with their own overlay of course and very different price points.
    The biggest fail Citizen did is they didn’t went with Samsungs very optimized Citizen or the lightweight OS chinese brands use, they would certainly be in the top spot with such hardware, software and their unique design 🙂

  6. icebeam23860 says:

    Wow, this was really a top-notch review. You really hit the nail on the head about it being just another stock WearOS watch. They should’ve at least tweaked the UI some like the OPPO Watch did.

  7. Ismail ait toulba says:

    Since your review on the first Samsung’s edge phone few years ago, i felt something different , this is how a tech journalist should sound ! Never disappointed ! Thank you ?

  8. Slakers says:

    Make a review on the Huawei gt2 pro!
    Its made of Titanium body, ceramic back and sepphire glass with 12 days battery life and offline gps, cost around $400. Nothing comes close to it.

  9. Patrick-Julian Q. Fulgado says:

    FINALLY someone actually acknowledges that Wear OS updates in 2020 really improved the experience. It’s amazing that my Fossil Carlyle is actually better now than when I got it in 2019.

  10. Victor Tan says:

    Why Citizen can’t do something like Mi Watch? The chipset isn’t the main issue but the OS is, and they should design their own watch face as well.

  11. macaco mack says:

    a smartwatch aint a watch. it’s garbage. As our sleepy senile friend would say: “if you aint garbage you aint a smartwatch”

  12. TwinTurbo Ray says:

    I have one smartwatch. An expensive one. Because I could get it really cheap. And I mean really cheap. It’s a Casio Pro Trek WSD F30. I really don’t understand smart watches. I have a small collection of actual watches. Smartwatches are not watches in my opinion. Good review by the way though

  13. know-it-all King says:

    People that collect watches and know a lot about watches don’t care about smart watches they’re throw away technology in my opinion you’re better off getting a G-Shock

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