CES 2021 – Most Influential Tech Event In The World The Coolest Robots and Incredible Gadgets

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You’re on the PRO Robotics channel and in this episode we present cool robots and incredible gadgets at CES 2021. The most comprehensive review!

The Consumer Electronics Show 2021 shocked as always with incredible technology, gadgets and robots. And even if some of them seem unreal, that is the essence of CES: to look at the future of technology! Here you can find what will be mainstream in a couple of years: new robots, smart robots, new technologies 2021, robo-cars, unmanned cars, flying cars, home robots, smart home, health gadgets, educational robots and much more! Get your likes on and see what the coolest 2021 trade show was like – This is the most comprehensive review.

0:00 Introduction
0:29 Samsung Bot Care robotic home assistant
0:58 Samsung Bot Handy robot butler
2:15 Samsung smart robot vacuum cleaner
2:37 Dual Arm Robot with two arms
3:12 General Motors Cadillac eVTOL flying car
3:52 ProMare unmanned navigation technology
4:18 LG unveiled a disinfector robot
4:38 open source teleoperated robot
5:00 Tactile Telerobot
5:33 educational robot K1
6:05 Sony unveiled its first Airpeak drone
6:37 home scout robot Scout
7:17 Squid Warehouse robot for warehouses
7:45 Panasonic unveils holographic display for cars of the future
8:26 Yves Saint Laurent and L’Oreal unveiled a gadget to create any shade of lipstick
8:49 Toto’s smart toilet
9:13 Lasso smart home garbage sorter
9:57 Nobi ceiling light with drop sensor
10:18 Razer smart mask
10:46 xHale smart mask
11:00 Mask with built-in headphones MaskFone
11:14 BioButton health monitoring gadget
11:37 MOFLIN robot pet
12:08 Moxi educational robot

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CES 2021 – Most Influential Tech Event In The World The Coolest Robots and Incredible Gadgets – Video published on YouTube by PRO ROBOTS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1J1wRiJO6fc

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  1. Ulysses 31 says:

    At 9:30 interlocutor
    is pronounced in-ter-lok-yuh-ter, and not whatever you said. Good video anyway.

  2. Johnny Nakazono says:

    Hi, there is a problem with the chapters in progress bar in this video, what start in 2:04, in the transition between “Samsung Bot Handy robot butler” and “Samsung smart robot vacuum cleaner”, the others chapter appeared in incorrect time. Cool robots and gadgets. Thanks for your attention.

  3. TheHugginMonkey625 says:

    I’ve worked in warehouse most of my work life. Crazy to see we’ll be irrelevant soon.

  4. Jesse James says:

    I’d like a robot masseuse/chiropractor, and a hair stylist! Does anything like that exist?

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