Best HomeKit Accessories Worth Checking Out

After years of being a “Google Home Smart Home”, we are making the transition over to HomeKit. In this video, we round up some of those products that I recently installed in my house in order to help make that transition!

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HomePod Mini ––slid—product-MY5G2LL/A
Logitech Circle View Doorbell –
Logitech Circle View –
Ecobee Smart Camera –
Ecobee Smart Thermostat with Voice Control –
Ecobee Lite Smart Thermostat –
Nanoleaf A19 Bulb -
Nanoleaf Lightstrip –

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Best HomeKit Accessories Worth Checking Out – Video published on YouTube by MacRumors:

20 thoughts on “Best HomeKit Accessories Worth Checking Out

  1. Terry Rodbourn says:

    So you are going to buy a device that is dependent on Google Services because of put out last year!

  2. Andrew Morris says:

    With the smart bulbs, do you ever have a situation where HomeKit says “no response”? I am currently using Wemo plugs, and it tend to happen periodically. Doesn’t happen often but annoying when it does. Wondering if it’s worth the switch to bulbs instead of I don’t care about the color changing feature.

  3. Mr. Luigi says:

    Nice video. The NanoLeaf products are only sold by Apple. Not a big fan of these “exclusive” selling arrangements…especially when the NanoLeaf products are NOT available for online purchase at Apple nor are they available for sale at Apple Brick and Mortar stores…at least anywhere within the Tri-State area where I live.

  4. Tom Jones says:

    If you have a sprinkler system, Rachio is pretty cool. It looks at recent weather and forecast to determine if it should skip watering, also HomeKit compatible.

  5. R S says:

    Hi, would love to hear about HomeKit leak detectors … Apple recommend Fibaro and it flat out doesn’t work as advertised, alerts aren’t sent unless the Fibaro app (which is terrible) is active on an IOS devices

  6. HeyTechi - Apple Homekit Tips, Tricks & Reviews says:

    Definitely worth checking out Meross HomeKit Power strip. It has several plugs, each controllable via Siri as well as USB.

    Don’t understand estimate the power of smart plugs in revolutionising your smart homes!

  7. Matthew Callaway says:

    Chamberlain/Liftmaster myQ garage door opener/hub. I can close or open the doors, including as part of my “good night” scene (no more accidental open door all night). Works well for allowing easy delivery of larger items when I’m unavailable or away from the house. You can also use Siri with CarPlay to open the garage if you don’t have a homelink button in the car and don’t want to use the traditional remote.

  8. Matthew Callaway says:

    I use a Hue light strip with a Hue motion sensor in the bathroom. It works great, especially during the night when you don’t want to turn on the bathroom light.

  9. Matthew Callaway says:

    I have two Fibaro (battery powered) and one Eve (plug in) leak/flood detectors. I have automations set to turn the lights blue when a leak is detected in addition to the standard HomeKit notification.

  10. Matthew Callaway says:

    I have multiple iDevices single outlets and one dual-outlet (outdoor type) smart plugs. I use these for controlling dumb lighting fixtures, and, around Christmas, for controlling the Christmas tree lights and two ceramic Christmas trees.

  11. Daniyal Shah says:

    Your videos are so helpful and simply straight to the point. Would you mind segmenting your videos into chapters so I can know which part of the video to skip to the product I want to see. Thank you!

  12. J W says:

    Instead of individual bulbs, I choose to get the Lutron bridge and switches to work with HomeKit. It works flawlessly and immediately without delay. Naturally not working if you wanted all the custom color rendering.

  13. Dave Lindenmuth says:

    I’m also curious as to whether there is any type of device which will lock/unlock a sliding patio door. I’ve seen one “keyed” lock for a slider but very basic, so I don’t know how they would ever be able automate them. I have three here at the house, and on more than one occasion we’ve left one (or more, if I’m being honest) unlocked, perhaps even for days at a time… Ooops…

  14. Ricardo Drozdowski Junior says:

    Hi! I would love to watch a review of SENSIBO. Since here in Brazil, we most use AC units and no central heating. Thanks

  15. Anonymous Freak says:

    One tip if you’re researching HomeKit doorbells – you’ll see the “Yobi B3” – _AVOID IT_. It’s cheaply made garbage, and the company is completely unresponsive to support reqeusts.

  16. Nicholas Tesluk says:

    I’ve installed some great products by Meross which don’t need hubs and work very well. They’re also quite economical. I have their color changing light bulbs, a wall light dimmer for my ceiling lights, two of their smart outlets which I use for lamps and their garage door opener sensor. You might check them out.

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