Amazon Echo Show 10 Setup, Tour & Review Best Smart Display 2021

Unboxing, setup & review of Amazon’s Echo Show 10, a 3rd-gen Alexa-powered smart speaker and rotating screen, my new favourite for 2021. For £228 in the UK, you can grab this brilliant feature-packed smart display – it’s not cheap, sure, but the Echo Show 10 is worth it.

The overall specs and design are similar to Google’s Nest Hub Max, although Amazon’s moving screen is a fantastic unique feature. This is ideal for video chats or streaming Netflix/Prime Video while working in the kitchen. The Echo Show 10 is fully powered by Alexa, so you can control your smart home lighting and other devices with your voice. Plus, that speaker is beefy enough to produce loud sound with respectable (if not great) audio quality.

Here I show you how to setup the Amazon Echo Show, and run through the main features. I also offer my early review of that performance, after testing it in my home. If you want an Alexa smart display, this really is one of your best options in 2021.

Echo Show 10 Review Chapters:
0:00 – Intro waffle
0:43 – Unboxing
0:57 – Setup
1:27 – Design
2:53 – Alexa voice control test
3:41 – Alexa app and setting up your smart home
4:57 – Screen, Media & Audio
6:11 – Feature tour
7:02 – Testing the rotating display
8:15 – Security camera
9:19 – Final review & verdict

Amazon Echo Show 10 Setup, Tour & Review Best Smart Display 2021 – Video published on YouTube by Tech Spurt:

19 thoughts on “Amazon Echo Show 10 Setup, Tour & Review Best Smart Display 2021

  1. john herbert says:

    Seriously, you are well versed in tech and would be fully privy to the fact that saying “wake” keywords in your review is you just being a DICK!

  2. Rodolpho's Tech channel says:

    Bro stop saying Alexa, I can’t even play this video without my Alexa turning on lol

  3. Mordew Sr says:

    Please scrap the porn in the background, it’s shit on Unbox Therapy, so you don’t need to go down the same drain ??

  4. Kolo Selby-Ghansah says:

    Dear Tech Spurt May You Do A Video On The Samsung Galaxy A01 Core I Would Like See What You Think Of This Phone Also A Comparison Of This Phone To The Nokia 1.3 & Doogee X95.
    Also Love Your Videos (My Phone Is A Pixel 4a 5G)

  5. Wolf Krueger says:

    Just wondering, don’t have an echo atm, but can I video call my own echo show, wen I get one, back home when I’m out and about?

  6. mavcek says:

    Yet to be convinced, other than the built in security camera, can’t really see the need for ‘another’ tablet stuck to a speaker

  7. C H says:

    Got mine a day early. For the most part I would say everything has work pretty smoothly minus a few minor bugs. Something that I just discovered that might be more of a moderate to severe bug to some people is that if you are playing music at high volume then the device starts to question the stability of its base I guess there’s a sensor in the bottom to detect if it’s on a stable service or not with booming music the device is no longer able to track my position because it’s sensors are perhaps too sensitive and mistake the vibrations for an unstable surface

  8. Wendy Rodriguez says:

    I have that same echo but nothing like weather appears on the screen, recipes … in the photo options there are only arts station and others but there are no illustrations, how can I help, please

  9. Eva H says:

    What do you do in your kitchen like? Counter or washer ?????

    Is there a 3.5 jack and micro usb slot anywhere on the Show?

    Great review by the way.

  10. James says:

    I honestly think if Amazon paid the Google rights and had full integrated Google apps and services, they would knock Google out of the market. Google have really slacked when it comes to smart home stuff. I only have nest minis in my house but am really considering introducing Alexa too. Especially the echo 4th Gen.

  11. Vas Me says:

    So its gona listen to you when you put loud music or you on the other room. People cant even turn lights on manualy these days?

  12. ConvertibleJay says:

    Sooo if you’re monitoring kids or a burglar, the person can simply press “stop??” That’s a deal breaker

  13. edgastin says:

    So doesn’t give you the ability to download other entertainment apps, such as funimation, so I can watch anime while I cook? ?

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