Affordable Smart Fitness Watch IP68 Apple Watch Style – Under $40 YoYoFit

Unboxing and Review of the YoYoFit Smart Fitness Watch – including specs, features, comparison with Apple Watch 4, real time exercise demo and more!

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YoYoFit Smart Fitness Watch:
Discount Code: 7K2NTBJL

Discount Code: FEPXRFXQ

1.4 inch TFT Display
IP68 Waterproof
Bluetooth 4.0
Heart Rate Monitor
Step / Sleep Monitor
Notification Alerts
Camera/ Music Control
Upto to 10 Day Battery
Removal Straps (22mm)
45.3mm / 11.4mm / 54g

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Affordable Smart Fitness Watch IP68 Apple Watch Style – Under $40 YoYoFit – Video published on YouTube by Chigz Tech Reviews:

17 thoughts on “Affordable Smart Fitness Watch IP68 Apple Watch Style – Under $40 YoYoFit

  1. cros temptera says:

    Can’t say anything else than great honest coo review, congrats, that’s why you’re in my top 3

  2. Nancy Femmer says:

    I really like this watch.
    Yoyo against Apple Watch, not bad for that price!
    This would make a great Christmas gift for someone too.
    Thanks Chigz???

  3. Hogan Zeros says:

    Great video! I would like to know if you could use bluetooth earbuds from your phone while controlling the music via the music app? I’m hoping there’s no confliction. I have a Galaxy S8. Thanks!!

  4. Les Whitehouse says:

    Great review. Another brilliant value smart watch. I’m waiting for my Xiaomi Haylou Solar watch to arrive!

  5. patrick cadette says:

    Omg..for this price you are getting a great product..thanks as usual chigz..??????

  6. George Brown says:

    I just order one i have purchased 4 others in the last month which I will give away to my kids this one is for me i brought two other ones for my wife who rally wears them i think this one will be Money well spent

  7. Lee Designer says:

    I’m actually quite interested in this watch, looks good, functions good and its inexpensive. Cheers man, much appreciated. Lee

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