8KTV & Football – The Future of TV? The Gadget Show

Ortis delves into the world of 8KTV, bagging an exclusive behind the scenes invite to BT Sport’s 8K preparations before checking in with Gary Lineker to see what he think of the new tech. To watch full episodes from our latest series, go to My5 – https://www.my5.tv/the-gadget-show

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8KTV & Football – The Future of TV? The Gadget Show – Video published on YouTube by The Gadget Show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjVxF1eEk4s

6 thoughts on “8KTV & Football – The Future of TV? The Gadget Show

  1. Oussama Okbi says:

    It’s not. The future of sports broadcast has always been Higher refresh rates so we can actually see the damn ball. Resolution will change nothing.

  2. syi infinite says:

    Lmaooo football? I’m so eager to watch football on my 8k TV when I could watch one of my favorite movies or play game on my tv. ???

  3. ricardoroberto100 says:

    Lol you mean just like when HD was launched, when freeview was launched, when broadband was launched…….. all promising personal viewing angles, multiple commentary and so on. I am still waiting for Netflix and Amazon to send everything in 4K. Lets perfect whatever already have instead of trying to sell us the next big thing.

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