5 Weird Banana Gadgets Tested and Ranked

Today I’m testing and ranking five unusual banana gadgets to see how they really work.

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5 Weird Banana Gadgets Tested and Ranked – Video published on YouTube by Freakin’ Reviews: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmBLAi2ckhg

20 thoughts on “5 Weird Banana Gadgets Tested and Ranked

  1. flxmkr says:

    Seriously? Anyone dependent on these gadgets are in serious need of a daily exercise routine. By the way, that second square gadget should be inserted lengthwise so you have long banana slices…which can also be managed with a knife. Also, bananas are naturally split into thirds. You don’t even need a knife. One more tip: begin peeling the banana at the small end. This makes it easier to peel – even when green – and leaves you with a nice “handle” to hold while you are peel’n’eating.

  2. Todd Moon says:

    The Bananaschneider looks like it would work better if you turned it over. Thoughts… fun and entertaining as always.

  3. Sand PaAl says:

    I have one of those things like the banana bopper but small, meant to peel oranges and grapefruits. pretty useful, it cost like 50 cents.

  4. killer squid says:

    I know one thing for sure, if I see my wife with the have held guillotine I’m going to mind my P’s and Q’s and finish the honey do list.

  5. Red Phoenix says:

    @9:52 The Banana Bopper is almost 20 bucks as an import. That is excessive for a molded piece of plastic with limited use case, even if you consider R&D.

  6. up&up says:

    In Germany they don’t have cucumbers like that, your cucumbers are weird man. Ours are way smaller light green in color

  7. Patrick C says:

    I like the vid but dont like ? that much…. When i was very young I did. If I did eat them I wouldn’t but the peeler….maybe the all yellow plastic slicer. But i would need to be the type that eats a bach in less than a week and 1/2

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