5 new cool smart gadgets You Can Buy On Amazon Gadgets Under Rs100,Rs200,Rs500,Rs1000

5 new cool smart gadgets You Can Buy On Amazon | Gadgets Under Rs100,Rs200,Rs500,Rs1000
– Gingko Smart Accordion Lamp
– FlyNova – The Most Tricked-out Flying Spinner
– meet MAD Gaze X5
– introduce Smart Rope – LED embedded Jump Rope

introduce Gingko Smart Accordion Lamp
Inspired by the shape of an accordion, the brand new Gingko Smart Accordion Lamp is a must have home accessory for any room.

To open it, simply pull it as you would play an accordion, and it will instantly transform into a sculptural light
emitting a wonderful ambient warm LED light through the accordion shaped pages. Close it and open it again,
it magically changes to cool white LED light instead of warm light as before; when it’s fully closed,

meet FlyNova – The Most Tricked-out Flying Spinner
Easy To Play:flynova Is A Mind-blowing Flying Spinner Toy With An Ingenious Hidden Drive Mechanism That Can Perform Incredible Aerobatic Tricks And Stunts.
It’s Simple To Master In Just A Few Minutes And A Total Blast To Play Alone Or With Friends.it Can Fly Anywhere, Makes A Great Christmas Gift And Is The Absolute Cure For Boredom!
Simple Fun,safe Design:flynova Are Made Of High Quality Non-toxic Pp Material, Especially For Kids. The Enclosed Wheel Design Is Aerodynamic And Protects Your Hands While Spinning It Up
And Performing Tricks. Catching It Mid-air Or On The Go Is Easy And 100% Safe.
Get Airborne Fast: Flynova’s Secret Power Comes From The Onboard Gyroscopic Motor
After Sales Service : We Provide 12 Months Service 100% Money Back If The Ufo Flying Toy Doesn’t Satisfy You. You Can Contact Us For Any Problems. We’d Love To Serve You At Any Time.

3 introduce ZUUM SHOES
ZUUM SHOES, BEST-SELLER FEATURED ON SHARK TANK | Innovative self balancing electric skates that both kids and adults can enjoy, simply slip your feet onto them, turn them on,
and ZUUM your way to wherever the day takes you! LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE | With each ZUUM Shoe weighing only 7 lbs, their integrated carrying straps make the ZUUM Shoes easy to carry and
take with you anywhere! They easily fit inside a backpack, and are TSA-Certified, so you can take them with you on your flights. The weight limit is 220 lbs.
FAST, LONG DISTANCE RIDING | ZUUM Shoes can reach cruising distances of up to 8 miles and reach top speeds of up to 8 MPH. Making it easy to go fast, get there quickly,
and have plenty of battery power to spare. ZUUMs can continuously be ridden for up to 1.5 hours and then can fully recharge in 2 hours.
EASY AND FUN TO RIDE | Maintain superior control and stability with the self balancing design that makes riding ZUUMs easy and safe for all ages.
Simply lean forward to go forward and lean backwards to move backwards. Their independent skate-like design allows you to go through tight and narrow spaces with ease!

meet MAD Gaze X5
the World’s Most Advanced Wearable Smart Glass with Exquisite Design and Great Functions.
All images and videos used are for illustrative purposes only and are intended to convey the concept and vision for the application development. They are for guidance only,
may alter as app contents and do not necessarily represent a true and accurate depiction of the finished interfaces and formats may vary.
There is an auto-translate application that translate everything the glass see into the language of your choice
Features GPS Navigation
The World’s Most Advanced Smart Glass

introduce Smart Rope – LED embedded Jump Rope
Smart Rope is an LED-embedded jump rope that communicates with your smart phone. This is the first active fitness wearable for the Smart Gym platform,
designed around the user experience to incorporate active workout data. Rather than simply monitoring movement like most passive wearables, the Smart Rope incorporates the real,
natural motion of jumping rope to accurately count jumps, track and
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