15 Clever Electronic Gadgets and Smart Devices Top Gadgets 2020

Gadgets are crucial to every facet of our lives, from the simplest electronic remote control to the smart devices influencing our interactions with the outside world.
Although my handiwork tops out at creatively opening a twelve-ounce can of my favorite tasty beverage, I’m always willing to acknowledge those who are most likely smarter than I am.
Having said that, here are 15 of the coolest electronic gadgets and gear for 2020.

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Featured Gadgets and Devices ⭐
00:00 Intro
00:43 Millclock ZIN-18 Nixie Clock
An antique reborn
Starts at USD $1,199
1:32 CheerPod Air Mouse
Go-Anywhere Mouse & Presentation Tool
Starts at USD $49
2:24 Zoeao GravaStar
Sci-fi inspired Bluetooth speaker
Starts at USD $170
3:16 Refraction AI REV-1
Last-mile delivery robot
Starts at USD $4,500
4:08 COTODAMA Lyric Speaker
Handcrafted interactive speaker
Starts at USD $4,500
4:56 SwellPro Splash Drone 3+
World’s first waterproof quadcopter
Starts at USD $1,199
5:50 OrCam MyEye 2
Hands-free reading device
Starts at USD $3,500
6:47 Somewear Global Hotspot
Global satellite hotspot
Starts at USD $350
8:04 NeoLAB Reco
World’s first intuitive voice recorder
Starts at USD $69
9:03 Project Alias
DIY privacy assistant


Price unavailable
9:59 Gita
Consumer use, following robot
Starts at USD $3,250
11:02 Cowarobot Rover Speed
AI robotic suitcase
Starts at USD $899
12:03 Braindex
Consumer-ready brainwave stimulator
Starts at USD $158g
12:58 CrossHelmet X1
Dual-monitor smart helmet
Starts at USD $1,799
13:44 Dreamworld Dream Glass 4K
Portable & private AR
Starts at USD $635

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10 Amazing Inventions And Gadgets On Amazon

15 Clever Electronic Gadgets and Smart Devices for 2020
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20 thoughts on “15 Clever Electronic Gadgets and Smart Devices Top Gadgets 2020

  1. Mal P says:

    some of these features are really good, however I dont see why the channel doesn’t carry-out independent tests rather then just providing direct advertising & PR information as, oddly if some of the equipment is “that good” surely it would be in main stream sales… rather then adverts only found on utube & sale via amazon or ebay where we all know lots of items are total junk..

    I’d suggest testing equipment & giving a direct review

  2. Kenneth Hughes Jr. says:

    Pee Wee’s Breakfast Machine from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. Seems everybody knew that. Congrats to all who beat me. With respect.

  3. Bubba Tim says:

    Pee Wee Herman’s Breakfast machine from the movie Pee’s Big Adventure cica 1985…

  4. Richardo Frankie says:

    Is the sectional product playback – a new thing on You Tube – if it is – I love Minds Eye Design uses it – makes it very simple to in-depth some of these AMAZING gadgets – I LOVE IT – LOVE THIS CHANNEL!

  5. Real Reacher MED says:

    Thank you for watching! If you have a suggestion and would like to see it featured in a future video ? leave us your recommendation in the comment section below.? For your convenience, websites for the electronic gadgets and gear in this video are in the description above.☝ If you’d like to see more videos on electronics and tech check them out here!

    Also, be sure to check out our full playlist selection:

  6. Eric Harwood says:

    Love the Helmet and the glasses…. Obviously, you saved the best two for last. 🙂

  7. Beverly Lange says:

    i have to say you came up with some winners in this video. wouldn’t hurt to take a look people!!

  8. M Jones says:

    The Somewear Global Hotspot is a must have for any hiker. Great collection of gadgets. Also like the drone, the follower luggage, grocery carrier and last but not least the self propelled delivery dudette

  9. Muxall Open IoT says:

    Number 10 the drone without a doubt is my favorite. Great video! I can’t wait to see your what you put out next.

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