14 COOLEST GADGETS That Are Worth Buying

Hope you’re ready for a new set of the coolest gadgets you can buy. From the legendary Pip-Boy, to the incredible robot cube and the best lock for your suitcases.

0:00 Introduction
0:15 Smart Light Bulb: https://geni.us/LightBulb
1:18 Pip-Boy Assistant: https://bit.ly/3mNZnZL
1:57 Giant Airpods: Bluetooth Speaker: https://geni.us/GiantEarphoneSpeaker
2:44 LED Magnetic Levitation Photo Frame: https://geni.us/LevitatingPhotoFrame
3:18 LED Ring Lamp: https://geni.us/RingLamp
3:39 LED Circular Audio Visualizer: https://geni.us/AudioVisualizer
3:55 DIY-KIT: Magnetic Levitating Module: https://geni.us/LevitatingModule
4:29 Tissue Box and Mobile Phone Holder: https://geni.us/TissueBoxPhoneHolder
5:00 Flexible RGB LED Matrix: https://geni.us/FlexibleLEDMatrix
5:42 AIRBOLT: The Truly Smart Lock: https://geni.us/AirboltSmartLock
6:35 GPS Tracker: https://bit.ly/3opWKgT
7:14 Tritium ring: https://geni.us/TritiumRing
7:46 Self-balancing Cube: https://geni.us/SelfBalancingCube
8:34 Mini Sport Action Camera: https://geni.us/MiniSportCamera

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14 COOLEST GADGETS That Are Worth Buying – Video published on YouTube by YouFact Tech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMAmyFroMnE

20 thoughts on “14 COOLEST GADGETS That Are Worth Buying

  1. HukkleBrry says:

    Im sitting in the waffle house in atlanta and this is the perfect thing to watch while i wait for my breakfast

  2. Vikas Prasad says:

    Awesome video liked it very much try making videos on insane watches chairs and gaming cabinets and Accessories too

  3. Hinata says:

    POV that you have the money but your not going to buy it lol
    ⠀ (__/)
    ⠀ (__/)

  4. Carter Sutera says:

    “This cam is compact enough to look like a smartwatch” yeah maybe for an early 2000’s spy movie

  5. Aeriok says:

    Lol a lot of smart lights are already hub free, but then you flood your house with competing wifi signals ….

    So to get officially licensed Pip Boys you link us to Etsy, what… are they making them one at a time?

    Or decorate your house with his lovely keepsake for 2-3 pictures…. oh and if you have any other electronic items in the house, we suggest you keep this frame outside…

  6. Hyokins says:

    “14 COOLEST GADGETS That Are Worth Buying”

    >shows 3 things that are worth buying + worthless stuff
    even then, the bag lock won’t help much against stealers… They’ll rip open the bag from any side and get what’s in it.

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