13 COOLEST GADGETS That Are Worth Buying

Today’s set is a combo of gadgets for your daily routine. We’ll prove that even a socket may become a bright spot in your interior, show you incredible jewelry for men, and turn shaving into a feat.

0:00 Introduction
0:18 Keychain Flashlight 380 Lumens: https://geni.us/RechargeableKeychain
Keychain Flashlight 500 Lumens: https://geni.us/KeychainFlashlight
1:09 Shift Red Drone: https://geni.us/ShiftRedDrone
1:47 Cybershoes: https://geni.us/Cybershoes | http://ebay.to/3d5QE2Y
2:33 ClearUP Product: https://geni.us/ClearUpProduct | http://ebay.to/3qhV22C
3:15 Royal Brew Coffee Maker: https://geni.us/HouseCoffeeMaker
3:58 XTAL VR Headset: https://bit.ly/37au5Gz | http://bit.ly/3adGwn0
4:42 Smart Ceiling Light: https://geni.us/TayotaLight
5:23 Lifx Tile: https://geni.us/LightModule | http://ebay.to/3d874I5
6:01 RGB Power Strip Tower: https://geni.us/PowerStripTower | http://ebay.to/3u2fN4P
6:48 Cufflinks: https://geni.us/lKnA http://bit.ly/3tTkZrt
7:13 Steampunk watch ring: http://bit.ly/2ZcCAfP | http://bit.ly/3pfga8j | http://bit.ly/3tSBunC http://bit.ly/379ImTL http://bit.ly/3796Qg5
7:30 Goatee Shaving Template: https://geni.us/MensShavingTemplate
7:55 Avengers Gillette Razors: https://comicsalliance.com/gillette-avengers-contest/ (not available for sale)

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13 COOLEST GADGETS That Are Worth Buying – Video published on YouTube by YouFact Tech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVsZxwC5-zQ

20 thoughts on “13 COOLEST GADGETS That Are Worth Buying

  1. sh and says:

    Majority of men are refusing to buy Gillette after their discriminating ad against their customers (men) so not a idea?

  2. Mikey Doodle says:

    I.. JUST LOVE YOUR VIDEOS,THESE GADGETS ARE AMAZING,I really want to get some of these but I have school in my way

  3. Keem504 says:

    Youfact Tech:Now u can walk in virtual world the most natural way
    Cybershoes:Nope u need to seat on a chair

  4. Joe Joseph says:

    Be aware of the claim “FDA Cleared”. That is not the same as FDA approved. FDA cleared just means the company filed papers with the FDA to register the device and the FDA acknowledges that it is most likely safe. But the FDA has not agreed to accept the claims of its clinical effectiveness and therefor does not endorse its efficacy.

  5. Ozark says:

    Did anyone else notice how he goes from ‘This keychain has 4 brightness levels’ to ‘This keychain has 5 brightness levels’. Is it me or am I just dumb

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