10 Smart and Useful Kitchen Tools You Must Have – புதுமையான கிச்சன் பொருட்கள் – New Kitchen Products

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1)Silicon mat – s-12095282
2)Mini Nuts chopper – s-4992362
3)coffee blender – s-9743942
4)Deep fry Tongs – s-11188544
5)Soap dispenser with sponge – s-10707045
6)Soap Dispenser brush – set of 2 – s-7462274
– set of 3 – s-7462276
7)Drain clog cleaner – s-11188665
8)Multi partition Storage container – pack of 1 – s-6847070
pack of 2 – s-6847072
pack of 3 – s-6847071
9)Multipurpose Vegetable grater – s-12179076
10) Garlic chopper – s- 7745939
11)3 Compartment Fridge organizer – s-6864889

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10 very useful and Smart gadgets which makes life easy and stress free. Some of the products are space savers and very useful for small kitchen . 10 Smart and Useful Kitchen Tools And Gadgets For Easy Cooking.10 Smart and Useful Kitchen Tools You Must Have – புதுமையான கிச்சன் பொருட்கள் – New Kitchen Products . Testing Smart kitchen tools and sharing honest feedback.

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10 Smart and Useful Kitchen Tools You Must Have – புதுமையான கிச்சன் பொருட்கள் – New Kitchen Products – Video published on YouTube by Queen Bee Paradise Tamil: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNjrhbsXo8o

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    I received the liquid soap dispenser today mam.Good product.The only thing is the bottom layer of the liquid soap is not dispensed.

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    Sis enakku oru clarification please silicon mat and brush(dosa tava uses) use pannumpodu side effects varumo nu pls reply me

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