10 Next Level Destructive And Self Defense Gadgets

Not everyone’s able to protect themselves and there are a lot of people who could use a little extra help when it comes to keeping themselves and their loved ones safe. Thankfully, for everyone who isn’t a natural-born commando, there are a lot of smart people coming up with all sorts of ways to give you a little more peace of mind when you’re out and about. These 10 next level destructive and self-defense gadgets aren’t for the faint of heart, but they’ll definitely give you a one-up if you need to defend yourself at any point.

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10 Next Level Destructive And Self Defense Gadgets [Links]

10. Accufire – https://geni.us/z8tqzl
9. SCHF50F T-Handle – https://bit.ly/307fCI1
8. TASER Pulse+ – https://geni.us/spDr
7. Tiger Lady – https://bit.ly/3i0zWRa
6. Defender Ring – https://bit.ly/3kOCFiJ
5. Berretta Pico – https://bit.ly/2Gawsyj
4. Stun Gun iPhone Case – https://geni.us/XLwbvA
3. MUNIO – https://geni.us/jpTxJ8
2. GDC Money Clip – https://geni.us/k21BOtg
1. Zap – https://bit.ly/3iZX97n

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